Annette de la Bije


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  • 1953/2008 Annette de la Bije (1927-2014)
  • Blondchen: 1963 Entführung aus dem Serail
  • With Francina & Cornelieke
  • Blondchen: 1963 Entführung aus dem Serail

‘The person who revealed the deepest emotions was the soprano Annette de la Bije. One will not easily forget the way that she sang the 'Incarnatus est,' so truly beautiful, so intimate, so eloquent as her voice sounded here. [ ... ] We were msotly attrackted by the very bright, sensitive and musical soprano Annette de la Bije, who might well develop into one of our greatest singers . She sang the ‘Incarnatus est’ from the Mass in C by Mozart and an aria from Madama Butterfly by Puccini’. [ ... ] The Benelux Vocal Competition in 's Hertogenbosch was won by the youthful soprano Annette de la Bije on Wednesday. Given the competition from Belgium, this may be labeled a great success, which will certainly lead to concerts in the Benelux countries.’ (Newspaper clippings from De la Bije 's scrapbook regarding her IVC 1954 victory)

Annette de la Beije (Rotterdam, March 1, 1927 - Germany, March 17, 2014) was a private pupil of Jacoba Dresden-Dhont. She enjoyed a significant career in The Netherlands, mostly as an oratorio singer. Celebrated was her rendering of the soprano part in Bach's St.–Matthew Passion, and Haydn's The Seasons. In opera she appeared as Anna Reich in Nicolai's Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor, as Gretchen in Die Wildschütz, as Marzelline in Fidelio, as Blondchen in Die Entührung aus dem Serail and a handful of other celebrated productions (among them Bizet's Les pêcheurs des perles, Marschner's Hans Heiling, Lortzing's Der Wildschütz, and Verdi's Don Carlo and Oberto). In 1959 she created the soprano part in Henk Bading's electronic television opera Salto Mortale. Halfway the 1960's she started accepting less contracts because she wanted to spend more time with her family, after her two daughters Cornelieke and Francina were born (1961/1963). As an immediate result, her international career in Germany, Switzerland and Austria came to a halt. Only Germany near the Dutch border, Belgium and Paris on hollydays were still within the range of her flat with sea view in Zandvoort. Her merits in Bach's St.–Matthew Passion can be enjoyed in a Phillips 45RPM recording of 'Blute nur du liebes Herz'.

In the wake of the 50 years IVC celebration in September 2014, we interviewed De la Bije exclusively, and worked with her on a full length feature biography at We had advanced to recording the conversations, working out the text and archiving her photographs, but in the middle of sorting out her recorded legacy in terms of radio recordings, she sadly passed away on March 17, 2014. We published De la Bije's recollections of her 1954 IVC Victory on our Reminiscence page. For Annette de la Bije's feature portret and the 40 minutes exclusive interview,including refelections on her IVC Jury memberships in the 1980's, many photographs and mp3's, you can visit her pages on

Matthew Passion mp3
Bach's St.–Matthew Passion
'Blute nur du liebes Herz'
Annette de la Bije
Philips 422 520 NE